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by Karina Coba Antequera

Bellerive Orthodontics offers the complete palette of orthodontic treatments at a high international specialized, efficient and state of the art level.

Bellerive Orthodontics bietet das ganze Spektrum kieferorthopädischer Behandlungen auf international spezialisierten, effizienten und aktuellsten Stand.


An Orthodontist is a dentist that pursued continuing postgraduate education for at least 3 years full time, including intensive clinical and scientific research work, to be able to treat and correct your dental and jaw positions as well as  jaw disfunction, making it possible to achieve a healthy, functional and beautiful smile.

Orthodontists are the only dental professionals than can take proper care of aligning teeth, then it is not just about getting straight teeth: it's a matter of health of your masticatory system.

When looking for an improvement of your smile, you should always get a consultation with an orthodontist before allowing any permanent change or damage get done which costs you pain, time, money and most important: your health!


Means the beauty and functional balance of healthy, harmonious teeth, gums, lips, bite and jaws.

The natural smile is powerful, looks confident, fresh, young, beautiful and „your own“.

Thanks to a top academic, scientific and continued education, as well as experience, excellent partners and up to date technologies, Karina Coba can serve and deliver you the Natural Smile Concept.

Send us your questions and requests! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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